Uniform/PPE Requests

Use the Google forms linked below to request signed MCFRS property request forms, which allow you to obtain uniform and PPE items from MCFRS Logistics. Once you complete the online form, a request will be sent to the Lt. Callen for approval. Once she has approved your request, you will receive an email with the signed forms attached. If you do not receive the signed forms within 48 hours, please contact Lt. Callen via email.

MCFRS Logistics is located at 1493B Southlawn Lane in Rockville, MD. Be sure to check their website for hours before you go. A photo ID is required to pick up items.

Click here to read the MCFRS Volunteer Apparel Policy

Probationary Member Uniform Request

  • You name must appear on the IECS list before you can pick up these items.

EMS Provider Uniform and PPE Request

  • This request is only for items that were not issued as part of the Probationary Member complement. You must have attained the rank of EMS Provider I or Firefighter I to receive these items.

Firefighter Training PPE Request

  • Use this form to obtain a set of training PPE for firefighting only once you are registered to take Firefighter I. Do not use this form to request PPE for PEAF class — the PSTA will loan you the necessary equipment when you arrive for class.

Permanent Firefighter PPE Request

  • You must have attained the rank of Firefighter II before you can receive these items.

Custom Apparel and/or PPE Request

  • Use this form to create a custom request form different from the pre-filled forms above.

  • Your request may require special approval if it exceeds your standard allocations for your rank (for example, if you are replacing lost or damaged items). Just having this form with the standard officer signature does not necessarily mean Logistics will issue the items to you. Contact the GEFD Quartermaster with any questions about this.