GEFD Email Setup

You have three options to access your GEFD email:

  • Set up your account with an email client (Apple Mail, Outlook, etc.) - Preferred method

    1. Find the new account setup page on your email client

    2. If your client has an automatic setup option, choose “Google”, enter your credentials in the Google window that pops up; everything else should happen automatically

    3. When prompted to enter a "Name" for the account, use your name, not a description of the account.

  • Set up forwarding to another email account (note: you will not be able to send email from your address without logging in to webmail)

    1. Log in to your webmail at (if necessary, switch to your GEFD using the circle in the top-right corner)

    2. Near the top-right of the screen, find the gear icon and choose "Settings” from the dropdown menu

    3. Pick the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab

    4. Click “Add a forwarding address”

    5. Enter the address you want to forward to and follow the instructions to verify that you own the address

  • Access via webmail at (not recommended because you’ll need to regularly log in to make sure you don’t miss anything important)